Super Degreaser Detergent for Fat Burning

It is suitable oDEXLAR TIRA GORDURASfor cleaning ovens, grills and extractor, and is especially effective on grease and ingrained blight , especially on cold surfaces or temperatures not exceeding 70 º C at depth, removing buildup of grease, dirt and stains. Facilitates a quick cleaning extr grças complex formula to its high penetration of components.[ MAIS ]

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Q: The products have data sheets and safety?
A: Yes, all products Odexlar are accompanied by fact sheets and safety.

Q: In what areas / sectors can use the products?
A: The products Odexlar can be applied in several areas, from hospitals, schools, hotels, shops, beauty salons, laundries, among others.

Q: The products are "environmentally friendly"?
A: All products Odexlar range of hygiene and cleaning are biodegradable.

Q: Can I use a single product for washing clothes and dishes?
A: Yes, Extra Detergent Odexlar allows various applications such as cleaning counters, washing dishes, washing clothes, eliminating waste fats and persistent.

Q: I have sensitive skin, which soap should I use?
A: Soap Odexlar gel, is the most preferred as it is pH neutral, respecting the most sensitive skin and also has a broad spectrum bactericide.

Q: What is your advice to clean mold, mildew cleaner or bleach?
A: Clean Mold Odexlar is the most suitable because, in addition to eliminating unsightly black surfaces, it also eliminates bacteria, viruses and fungi, simultaneously cleaning and disinfecting.

Q: I work at home, which product is right to remove any dirt?
A: For heavy cleaning, post construction should be used Odexlar Cement-Strip, due to its high power of removal eliminates cement, glue, dough, paint, etc..

Q: What is the optimal pH of pool water?
A: The ideal pH is between 7.2 and 7.4.

Q: The water is presented with greenish walls and bottom slippery?
A: You need to adjust the pH, brush the bottom and walls of the pool and add Anti-Algae Odexlar. Filter, let stand and vacuum.

Q: Water is turbid and milky.
A: To analyze the pH of the water, and if it is using high pH - to adjust it. Add Flocculant Odexlar liquid and filter the water.

Q: I am allergic to chlorine, is there any alternative disinfectant?
A: Yes, you can use to complete a combination product based on active oxygen to disinfect the pool without chlorine, keeping it at the same time, free of algae and turvidez.

Q: What is the treatment used in winter maintenance of the pool?
A: You must use Odexlar the winter, it prevents the proliferation of algae and bacteria, prevents the formation of calcareous sediments and decaying water for quick cleaning in the spring.



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